Data scouting Finnish Veikkausliiga: finding a defensive midfielder

I think that many scouting pieces or analysis pieces love to look at Scandinavia, but that Iceland and Finland are hugely underrepresented in those pieces. In this piece I will look at the Finnish Veikkaussliiga… Bekijk bericht

Matty Cash’s impact throw-ins at Aston Villa

I love set pieces. I’m absolutely thrilled and hyped every time I see one. It’s something I cannot explain – well at least the feeling. What I can explain is what makes them great and… Bekijk bericht

Magdalena Eriksson – Defensive actions

In my opinion, what deserves more attention, is the way we scout/recruit central defenders. They aren’t as popular to write about as strikers, because goals add more to entertainment value – that’s also why it… Bekijk bericht

Anna Patten – Scout report

For someone who loves defenders, I’ve written remarkably little about them. This is about to change, hopefully. In this article I will look and analyse Anna Patten of Arsenal. She’s a very interesting player and… Bekijk bericht

Set piece analysis: Rangers FC attacking corners

The season has well started in most of the leagues and that means that set-piece analysis of goals from attacking corners can be done. My attention goes to the Scottish Premiership. Before I analysed Dundee… Bekijk bericht