Renato Tapia: key pass analysis

I have been watching Copa America since its start and it’s such a different vibe from the Euros. This has several reasons, like fans being in the stadium or not – but also the football… Bekijk bericht

Case study resurgence of xG in light of new contract: Christian Benteke

I used to go up to KRC Genk a lot. It’s just a one hour drive from where I live and I have some great footballers and icons. Thomas Buffel. Jelle Vossen. Kevin de Bruyne.… Bekijk bericht

Copa América day #4: Uruguay attacking corners

On day 4 of Copa America I’m looking at the Argentina vs Uruguay game. These two former champions have incredible individual players and it always going to be a tight affair for. Argentina came on… Bekijk bericht

Data scouting Austrian Bundesliga: finding the best strikers of 2020/2021

In the last data scouting piece I spoke about the fact that I wanted to look further than the usual countries in Europe and scouted the Russian Premjer liga. Although I still stand by those… Bekijk bericht

Serdar Dursun: Shot analysis

For someone that lives 5 minutes from the border with Germany, I remarkely talk little about German football. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but this surely has to change. I don’t tend to… Bekijk bericht