Set-piece analyses: successful attacking routines in Italian Primavera 1

You will have guessed it by now, but I’m really interested in all things set-pieces. I’m definitely not the only one and I’m definitely not the only one writing about them, but I do have… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Ternana Calcio offensive corners

It’s a been a few days since I wrote the set-piece analysis, but today I’m writing another one. Today my eye turns toward Italy. The Serie C to be precise. In this set-piece analysis I… Bekijk bericht

Key pass analysis: attacking midfielders Hibernian, Aberdeen, St. Johnstone & Livingston

The Scottish Premiership is such an exciting league. Scottish football in it’s entirety is very interesting to look at and don’t get fooled by the idea that it is only high balls and yellow cards.… Bekijk bericht

Relegation doesn’t mean failure

It’s a weird time for me personally. I’ve seen my current club and boyhood club get relegated today, and obviously I have a lot of sentimental feelings about this. Perhaps that is something for another… Bekijk bericht

Player behaviour after scoring a low xG chance: opportunity analysis with low and high xG in zone 14 – Red Bull Salzburg’s strikers

This is the 22nd day of consecutive writing and the 25th article that will be published. I don’t want to flex or anything, but I thought this asked for a rather different kind of article… Bekijk bericht