Player behaviour after scoring a low xG chance: opportunity analysis with low and high xG in zone 14 – Red Bull Salzburg’s strikers

This is the 22nd day of consecutive writing and the 25th article that will be published. I don’t want to flex or anything, but I thought this asked for a rather different kind of article… Bekijk bericht

Eredivisie 2020/2021 analysis: used formations and their perceptions

The Eredivisie 2020-2021 season is coming to a close. The champion has been known for quite some time now, but the battle for relegation and the European play-off spots are widely entertaining. And you should… Bekijk bericht

Racial and racist scouting anno 2021

Football and society as a whole deal with cases of racism every single day. If you don’t believe racism exists in one form or another in every society known to us, then I would suggest… Bekijk bericht

Janni Serra: Shot analysis

For someone that lives 5 minutes from the border with Germany, I remarkely talk little about German football. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but this surely has to change. I don’t tend to… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Offensive corners Top-4 WSL 2020-2021 – Part II: Arsenal & Manchester United

Earlier this week I wrote about OH Leuven’s attacking corners. I didn’t only look at their routines but also had a look at their deliveries, the expected goals generated per corner, and the average xG… Bekijk bericht