Data scouting Belgian Challenger Pro League: Finding a central defender

Who are the best defenders in the Belgian second tier, the Challenger Pro League? In this scouting piece I’m going to look for a central defender with an accent for ball progressing capabilities. There are… Bekijk bericht

PPDA shouldn’t be used to measure the pressing intensity

Okay, maybe that title is too strong. I’m not sure. But I know that using a single data metric to value an off-ball action is incredibly vague and complex. Especially when we look at data,… Bekijk bericht

Victoria Pelova  – Scout report 2022

It’s happening. Victoria Pelova, arguably the Eredivisie Vrouwen’s best player, is getting her move to the WSL in England. It’s reported that the young attacking player will sign for North London side Arsenal and will… Bekijk bericht

Real Madrid successful corners – Set piece analysis

Real Madrid has been doing quite well with scoring from attacking set pieces. They have currently scored 5 goals from attacking corners and are league leaders with it. In this article I will look more… Bekijk bericht

Set piece analysis: Expected goals on target (xGOT) in Eredivisie 21/22

Whilst we are already a few rounds into the Eredivisie 22/23 season, it’s still very interesting to have a look at the 21/22 season. I’m particularly fond of set piece, attacking corners in particular, and… Bekijk bericht