Recruitment Analysis VVV-Venlo 2021/2022


  1. Results 2020/2021
  2. Finances 2019/2020
  3. Situation vs 2013/2014
  4. Players moving away
  5. Objectives 2021/2022
  6. Playing style
  7. Identifying squad and targets
  8. Academy players coming in + U21 team
  9. New players
  10. Goalkeepers
  11. Defenders
  12. Midfielders
  13. Attackers
  14. Prognosis

Results 2020/2021

VVV-Venlo didn’t have a successful season in 2020/2021. The whole season was spent in and around the relegation places, which was to expected, but after a few strong matched in January, VVV-Venlo didn’t manage to win any game anymore and relegation was a fact.

In the first season that there were two direct relegation spots, VVV-Venlo occupied one of them in finishing 17th and going down together with ADO Den Haag (18th place), and FC Emmen who were relegated in the play offs.

As you can in the image above, VVV-Venlo had a bad season on a lot of fronts, but the points per game, the goals scored and goals conceded – really paint a picture of a relegation that is to be expected. It would never been sustainable for a team with these stats, to stay up.

At the beginning of the season VVV-Venlo’s goal was to remain in the Eredivisie in order to build as a club, but also to become more stable and as result generate money for renovations in the stadium, and ultimately looking to build a new stadium further down the line. Those plans are put on hold or are altered now, because of the relegation and we have to see what the concrete impact is of the relegation on that.

It wasn’t all doom and gloom for VVV-Venlo, because remarkably enough, VVV-Venlo produced the topscorer of the Eredivisie with 26 goals. Georgios Giakoumakis had a fantastic season and without him, the season would have been even more bleak for everyone involved with the club. This achievement will have its effect as he will most likely move before the end of the transferdeadline and bring in some hard needed money, which I will talk about a bit further in this document.

Finances 2019/2020

How much does a financial result influence a club’s performances? And what is needed to get good financial numbers? In order to that we have a look at the financial numbers of 2019/2020 and see how things needed to progress in order to have positive numbers in 2020/2021 and prepare for the season 2021/2022 wherein relegation will be thrown into the mix.

2019/2020 was a weird season with the COVID pandemic and therefore not 34 matches, but 28 matches had been played in the Eredivisie. After that, the following information can be concluded:

Revenue€ 8.251.000
Media€ 2.192.000
Sponsors€ 3.195.000
Matchdays€ 963.000
Food & beverage€ 387.000
Costs€ 9.435.000
Employee costs€ 6.386.000
Sell costs and fees€ 1.024.000
Housingcosts€ 462.000
Match and training costs€ 672.000
General costs€ 385.000
Depreciation of tangible fixed assets€ 524.000

VVV-Venlo made a loss of € 1.200.000 before taxes. After that it was € 1.658.000 loss, because of taxes and negative transfersaldo. VVV-Venlo spent € 435.000 on transfers and only got € 101.000 on transfers.

This loss was also obviously a result of no fans allowed in some of the games, and this is something that will have an impact in the 2020/2021 numbers as well.

Situation 2013/2014 and present

It’s not the first time in the past decade that VVV-Venlo got relegated. At the end of the 2012/2013 season, the club was relegated as well after losing to Go Ahead Eagles in the play offs. Although the relegations are the same, the situations are completely different.

The idea in 2013 was that the club had to return to the Eredivisie immediately and the wage bill did reflect that. The club attracted players who potentially had the qualities to get VVV-Venlo back to the Eredivisie, but in doing so spent a lot of money on wages. Everything was based on a quick return to the Eredivisie and when this didn’t happen, it had a big effect on the club’s finances. VVV-Venlo went from playing in the Eredivisie to a situation where the club might have gone into administration. It took years to rebuild the financial situation.

Now in 2021, the situation is different. Many players have moved on, but the club hasn’t replaced all of them because of what has happened in the past. Players have stayed, academy has a bigger role into the squad and only real assets are brought in – looking at a promotion plan of a minimum of 2-3 years. Trying to get back immediately isn’t wise performance wise – many clubs are fighting for the promotion spots – and financially as well. It could well ruin the club trying to get back after one season and then failing.

Players moving away

After a relegation it’s evident that many players want to leave. The main reason is that they don’t want to play in a lower league or feel that their abilities aren’t reflected in financial compensation. Some players also feel that their image will be tainted by playing in a lower league, so they are looking for new opportunities.

Jafar Arias 
Vito van CrooijSparta Rotterdam
Anastasios Donis*Stade de Reims
Christos Donis*Ascoli
Roy GelmiFC Winterthur
Leon Guwara*Jahn Regensburg
Jessy HendrikxHelmond Sport
Torino Hunte
Joshua John
Thorsten KirschbaumJahn Regensburg
Christian Kum
Zinedine Machach*Napoli
Fin PleunisVVV-Venlo O21
Steffen SchäferSC Verl
Lukas Schmitz
Meritan ShabaniWolverhampton Wanderers
Nezar S’rifi
Arjan Swinkels
Georgios GiakoumakisCeltic?

As you can see many players have left VVV-Venlo. The player with a ‘*’ are players that were loaned out to VVV-Venlo and have returned to their parent club. VVV-Venlo has a big task of replacing them or looking at a different recruitment strategy compared with a different playing style.

Objectives 2021/2022

Although relegation is no fun matter for everyone involved, it gives the club the opportunity to reorganize and restructure the club. This is no different for VVV-Venlo for the 2020/2021 season.

  • A top-8 spot in the Eerste Divisie 2021/2022. Going for direct promotion is not feasible for this squad as they have lost many players and have decided to move more academy players to the first team. This means less quality, but an ambition to get to the play offs for promotion is still very much on the table. It might be a very realistic option.
  • Developing transition from academy to first team. Players from academy are more important so the transition from academy to first team is more important. The U21 needs to be of such quality that the players will have no difficulty coming to the first team in 1-2 years
  • Selling talented players to gain profit
  • Getting more people back in the stadium after COVID
  • Playing attacking football. Transition from the defensive minded play in the Eredivisie to a more possession-based, passing style of attacking play

Playing style 2021/2022

As stated above, VVV-Venlo will change their style of playing from the 2020/2021 season to the 2021/2022 season. Relegation means that the club will change in status too, it is a club to be reckoned with and a club that can get a win against every club. This will also be reflected in the playing style.

In the Eredivisie, VVV-Venlo would have to play more deep and more defensive – as they will only have possession of the ball for 30-40% of the time. Therefore a system like 4-2-3-1 with a low block or a 5-3-2 without the ball, would be more effective. The transition from defence to attack is something that is the sole focus in attack, in that particular situation. It’s based on the fact that you don’t have the ball.

The idea is that when playing in a division lower with ambition to get to the play offs, the attack will be much more prevalent and more visible. The formation will switch into a more attacking 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3 with classic movements of a striker with two wingers, and very progressive full backs. How well this will be come out is, is something we can only guess, but the intention to play a more attacking style of football will definitely happen.

Identifying squad and targets

So there is a difference between scouting and recruitment. One part of recruitment is that you need to identify what targets you need by analysing the squad you are working with. This is the same with VVV-Venlo.

Because of the change of playing style, the emphasis will also lie on attacking. This means that there will be more pressure, more intensity on the attack side of the game – and therefore your bench will be consisting of more attacking players than defensive players. This is needed as you will be on the ball a lot more and your defence will be less busy than for example playing in the Eredivisie.

In the case of VVV-Venlo this means the following:

  • Signing or having multiple strikers
  • Multiple wingers, where a part of the players can from the academy
  • Defensive midfielders are less important in numbers, creative and attacking midfielders are more important to have multiple of – there should be more players that can create something with the ball
  • Two full experienced goalkeepers with a third goalkeeper (eventually fourth goalkeeper) coming from the academy or playing for the U21
  • Incorporating players coming back from loan in the first team, because they have more experience now
  • Because of low budget, academy players need to be recruited and not only from the own academy.

Academy players coming in + U21 squad

As stated above, the U21 team will be of higher significance than before. The U21 will not only develop on its own, but also be part of the first team as some players will train with the first team – and make minutes with the first team. That’s why it is important to have that team on a good level. This will be guarded by their new head coach: Roger Reijners – a seasoned coach with plenty of experience.

Jens CraenmehrGK19First team: yes
Quint JanssenGK18First team: no
Stijn HuntjesGK18First team no
Tim SchrickGK17First team: no
Ian Hussein NgobiDF19First team: no
Joep MunstersCB19First team: yes
Stan HenderikxCB18First team: no
Jur TheunissenCB20First team: no
Fin PleunisCB19First team: no
Joël RoeffenRB20First team: no
Joep KluskensMID18First team: no
Maxim van PeerMID18First team: no
Ertan HajdarajDM18First team: no
Lennart MehlerDM18First team: no
Jonas TheuerzeitCM19First team: no
Wassim EssanoussiAM17First team: yes
Thijme VerheijenAM18First team: yes
Niek MunstersAM19First team: no
Levi SmansAM17First team: yes
Jur ClabbersATT19First team: no
Melano ThierLW19First team: no
Yahcuroo RoemerRW20First team: yes

From the players above, Craenmehr, J. Munsters, Essanoussi, Verheijen, Smans and Roemer have featured for the first team or are with the squad. They will be assessed in the next segment. Lars Nabben is not on the list above, but has fully been transferred to the first team.

New players

Many players have left the club, but also quite a few players have come in. In identifying the players I said that more attacking players were needed than defensive players, but the balance needs to be there too. Below you can see which players have come in until now.

Sven BrakenST28Livorno30/06/2023
Yannick LeliendalLB/LWB19KRC Genk U2130/06/2023
Joeri SchroijenLW30AO Xanthi30/06/2023
Kees de BoerCM21ADO Den Haag30/06/2023
Lukas ZimaGK27Genoa CFC30/06/2023
Brian KoglinCB24FC Magdeburg30/06/2023
Carl JohanssonRM23Östers IF30/06/2023
Erik SorgaST22DC United*30/06/2022
Mitchell van RooijenDM22FC Utrecht30/06/2023
Lars NabbeCM19VVV-Venlo U2130/06/2023
Stan van DijckCB20Roda JC**30/06/2022
Aaron BastiaansLW19Helmond Sport**30/06/2022

*On loan from DC United

** Coming back from loan last season


In the table below I will assess their abilities. This will be in relation to the level of the Eerste Divisie and the Eredivisie, so their potential will be measured to that too.

Lukas Zima2730/06/2023Long throwsReflexesCommand of six-yard boxFirst touchPunchingPassingRushing out Midtable Eredivisie club
Delano van Crooij3030/06/2022AccelerationReflexesBall handlingCommand of six-yard boxLong throwsEffective communicationTop  Eerste Divise club
Bram Verbong2130/06/2023ReflexesKickingBall HandlingFirst touchRushing outPassingMidtable Eerste Divisie
Jens Craenmehr1930/06/2023Ball handlingBraveryCommunicationFirst touch1v1’sLong throwsBottom table Eredivisie/top Eerste Divisie


In the table below you will see a short overview of the defenders employed by VVV-Venlo for the 2021/2022 season.

Kristopher Da Graca2330/06/2023Physically strongHeadingDefensive positioningMarkingVisionAgilityOff the ball movementEredivis midtable
Brian Koglin2430/06/2023TacklingDecision makingBalanced playerOff the ball movementCrossingVisionTop Eerste Divisie/Low table Eredivisie
Stan van Dijck2030/06/2022Man markingDefensive and attacking headingDecision makingPhysical strengthOff the ball movementTechnical abilityTactical intelligenceTop Eerste divisie
Yannick Leliendal1930/06/2023Physical strengthDecision makingDribblingFirst touchVisionTop Eerste Divisie
Tristan Dekker2330/06/2023AggressionOff the ball movementMarkingPassingLeadershipFinishingHeading  Top Eerste Divisie/Low table Eredivisie
Tobias Pachonik2630/06/2022First touchMarkingTacklingTechnical abilityPaceCrossingDefensive positioningFinishingTop half Eredivisie


In the table below you will see a short overview of the defenders employed by VVV-Venlo for the 2021/2022 season.

Danny Post3230/06/2022TacklingLeadershippVisionDefensive positioningAggressionPassingStaminaTop Eerste Divise/low table Eredivisie
Mitchell van Rooijen2230/06/2023First touchPassingCrossingPhysical appearanceMarkingPositioningTacklingMidtable Eredivisie
Kees de Boer2130/06/2021Technical abilitiesPassingComposureFirst touchLong shotsFinishingDeterminationMidtable Eredivisie
Simon Janssen2030/06/2022First touchPassingWork rateDeterminationDribblingCrossingAttacking 1v1Low table Eredivisie
Lars Nabbe1930/06/2023PassingFirst touchVision  DribblingCrossingFinishing1v1Top Eerste Divisie
Carl Johansson2330/06/2023Technical abilitiesDribblingPassingFirst touchHeadingStrengthMarkingTop Eerste Divisie
Wassim Essanoussi1730/06/2023Technical abilitiesVisionPassingFinishingDefensive positioningPhysical strength Subtop Eredivisie


Joeri Schroijen3030/06/2023DribblingPaceCrossingFinishingDefensive positioningHeadingTop Eerste divisie
Aaron Bastiaans1930/06/2022Technical abilitiesFirst touchDribblingPhysical strengthFinishingComposureTop Eerste Divisie
Guus Hupperts2930/06/2022PassingDribblingFirst touchTechnical abilitiesMarkingTacklingPositioningJumpingLow table Eredivisie
Yahcuroo Roemer2030/06/2022PaceDribbling1v1CommunicationCrossingDefensive positioningFinishingTop Eerste Divisie
Erik Sorga2230/06/2022FinishingHeadingDribblingAggressionVisionPositioningMidtable Eredivisie
Sven Braken2830/06/2022First touchDribblingFinishingTechnical abilitiesMarkingPositioningDecision makingLow table Eredivisie

*Giakoumakis has been removed from this short overview, as he is moving to a new club


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