Case study Jugendliga U18: Position-oriented zonal marking with a deep 4-4-2

Talking to some friend the other day and I was asked what I liked the most about football – the actual moment I could enjoy of a team. Many assume that I’m a very offensive-minded… Bekijk bericht

Player behaviour after scoring a low xG chance: opportunity analysis with low and high xG in zone 14 – Red Bull Salzburg’s strikers

This is the 22nd day of consecutive writing and the 25th article that will be published. I don’t want to flex or anything, but I thought this asked for a rather different kind of article… Bekijk bericht

Eredivisie 2020/2021 analysis: used formations and their perceptions

The Eredivisie 2020-2021 season is coming to a close. The champion has been known for quite some time now, but the battle for relegation and the European play-off spots are widely entertaining. And you should… Bekijk bericht

What the Super League neglected: collective identity and regionalism

Something slightly different today. As many of you have done too, I have watched the news surrounding the Super League with great surprise. I was not surprised that the Super League was introduced, not at… Bekijk bericht

Case study Danish U19 Ligaen: 4-4-2 with double false 9

One of the reasons I love to go deeper into academies and youth teams is the fact that you can really experience a football culture from them. A first team is all about results and… Bekijk bericht