Set-piece analysis: Kerala Blasters – attacking corners

Another day, another set-piece analysis. Like, I previously said I wanted to look more into football on continents outside of Europe and that’s why I’m turning my eye towards Asia, India to be more precise.… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Leeds United U23 attacking corners

It has been a few days since I’ve looked at set-pieces, but I thought I would get out there and look at a club’s attacking routines again. In this analysis I will look at Leeds… Bekijk bericht

Throw in analysis: Cheltenham Town’s long throw ins

Set-pieces are not only corners. Corners might be the most obvious choice when you look at set-pieces, but freekicks and throw ins are a vital part of the game as well. My eyes have turned… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analyses: successful attacking routines in Italian Primavera 1

You will have guessed it by now, but I’m really interested in all things set-pieces. I’m definitely not the only one and I’m definitely not the only one writing about them, but I do have… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Ternana Calcio offensive corners

It’s a been a few days since I wrote the set-piece analysis, but today I’m writing another one. Today my eye turns toward Italy. The Serie C to be precise. In this set-piece analysis I… Bekijk bericht