Würzburger Kickers utilising attacking corners

Set piece analysis. It’s my favourite type of analysis, I think – mostly because of the depth of the routines. In this article I will focus on the attacking corners of Würzburger Kickers in the… Bekijk bericht

AFCON is so important to so many

AFCON. The tournament on the African continent warms my heart every time I read or hear about it. I’ve heard many negative things about it and if I’m honest, they pierce through my soul like… Bekijk bericht

Using event data for single match analysis: Celtic’s win vs Real Betis

In this short article, I will look at how we can use event data or x-y data to analyse a single match. Many conclusions can be drawn from a single match, but are they the… Bekijk bericht

Gary Speed saved my life – my hero

TW// Suicide, Depression, Bipolar Disorder, PTSD . . . Again this is no analysis of a player of team, but a personal post about me and how Gary Speed has probably saved my life. This… Bekijk bericht

Overwhelmed and anxious

Right now, I’m looking at my concepts on this particular website. In fact, I’m looking at one and it has been sitting here for 9 weeks now. I’m going to share it because it’s time… Bekijk bericht