A season of wonder: Georgios Giakoumakis

Georgios Giakoumakis. 12 months ago, the majority of the European football lover wouldn’t have heard of this Greek striker, but one remarkable season at VVV-Venlo changed a lot for Giakoumakis. He is looking for a… Bekijk bericht

Petros Mantalos – assists analysis

At the moment I’m thoroughly enjoying looking at assists and key passes. Not because the success rate is interesting, but the reason why is that I want to look at the positioning of the players… Bekijk bericht

Renato Tapia: key pass analysis

I have been watching Copa America since its start and it’s such a different vibe from the Euros. This has several reasons, like fans being in the stadium or not – but also the football… Bekijk bericht

Serdar Dursun: Shot analysis

For someone that lives 5 minutes from the border with Germany, I remarkely talk little about German football. I’m not exactly sure why that is, but this surely has to change. I don’t tend to… Bekijk bericht

Tactical trends: Copa América Day #1

Finally! Copa América has arrived. I could write 10.000 words on the politics of the game and the federations, but in all honesty – I just want to concentrate on the football and leave the… Bekijk bericht