Gustavo Hamer: Long-range pass analysis

The Championship is such an exciting league to watch and follow. Each team has a variety of interesting players which could potentially make it to the Premier League or any other top division in Europe.… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Dundalk FC offensive corners

Last week I posted the first part of the offensive corners analysis on Hansa Rostock and today I’m sharing part two of the offensive corners analysis. In this part I will look more closely at… Bekijk bericht

Lewis Fiorini: analysing his attacking qualities

I might have upset a few people by not talking about this earlier, but this piece is fully committed to Lewis Fiorini. The young midfielder plays for NAC Breda at the moment and is on… Bekijk bericht

Ryan Gauld – Through passes analysis

Ryan Gauld is somewhat of a hype at the moment, and I’ve seen a few pieces on his performances – that’s why I haven’t written about him before. Although it’s not an excuse, I truly… Bekijk bericht