Set-piece analysis: Grulla Morioka offensive corners

I’m genuinely intrigued, captivated and enchanted by set-pieces at this point. You might have seen that this is the third set-piece analysis article I’m writing in the last week or so, but I genuinely love… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Dundalk FC offensive corners

Last week I posted the first part of the offensive corners analysis on Hansa Rostock and today I’m sharing part two of the offensive corners analysis. In this part I will look more closely at… Bekijk bericht

Data scouting Turkish Süper Lig: finding a defensive midfielder

In the last data scouting piece I spoke about the fact that I wanted to look further than the usual countries in Europe and scouted the Australian A-League. Although I still stand by those words… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Hansa Rostock’s offensive corners

This website is a place for me to share my work with you in the hope that you find it useful and can develop it into something that works for you. It’s also a project… Bekijk bericht

Case study Championnat National U17: attacking through dominance in central zones

Throughout the years you learn new things in life. This is obviously also the case with football and my knowledge about it. Many myths have been debunked and one of them is that every academy… Bekijk bericht