Set-piece analysis: Paris FC defensive corners

Until now I’ve based my analysis on attacking corners of several clubs that don’t feature in the top-5 leagues in Europe, but that’s just one part of set-piece analysis. As we all know they are… Bekijk bericht

What the Super League neglected: collective identity and regionalism

Something slightly different today. As many of you have done too, I have watched the news surrounding the Super League with great surprise. I was not surprised that the Super League was introduced, not at… Bekijk bericht

Gustavo Hamer: Long-range pass analysis

The Championship is such an exciting league to watch and follow. Each team has a variety of interesting players which could potentially make it to the Premier League or any other top division in Europe.… Bekijk bericht

Set-piece analysis: Monza offensive corners

Analysing set-pieces is what I’ve been doing the most over the past week or two, and it’s very interesting to see different levels and different deliveries in set-piece. Previously I’ve analysed Hansa Rostock, Dundalk FC… Bekijk bericht

Case study Danish U19 Ligaen: 4-4-2 with double false 9

One of the reasons I love to go deeper into academies and youth teams is the fact that you can really experience a football culture from them. A first team is all about results and… Bekijk bericht