Data scouting A-League: finding a striker

Previously I’ve scouted a few leagues on this website with the idea that I wanted to create content that was in Europe, but it did not look at the top-5 leagues (Italy, France, England, Germany… Bekijk bericht

Lewis Fiorini: analysing his attacking qualities

I might have upset a few people by not talking about this earlier, but this piece is fully committed to Lewis Fiorini. The young midfielder plays for NAC Breda at the moment and is on… Bekijk bericht

Ryan Gauld – Through passes analysis

Ryan Gauld is somewhat of a hype at the moment, and I’ve seen a few pieces on his performances – that’s why I haven’t written about him before. Although it’s not an excuse, I truly… Bekijk bericht

Inside Dutch academy scouting

Being a scout or scouting in general is not as easy as it looks like. This is not to blow my own horn, but this is the truth. Not everyone is cut out to be… Bekijk bericht

Case study men’s football Italy: Defending with a 3-1-4-2 in the Italian Primavera

I love to make these analyses of case studies and in this piece I will look at the Italian Primavera or the U19 games of men’s football in Italy. I’ve studied 17 clubs across different… Bekijk bericht