Frida Maanum – Scout report

The Olympic Games are over and that means we can concentrate fully on women’s club football. In the light of Messi going to PSG, other transfers haven’t gotten the attention they deserve and so it is the transfer from Frida Maanum from Linköping FC to Arsenal, one of the transfers that deserve more attention.

Maanum is a great talent and has been for many years and this was the good time for her to make the move to the fully professional league to a squad that is rebuilding and participating in the Champions League. In this article, I will look at Maanum’s data in 2021 so far and strengthen that with videos of certain metrics.


  • Nationality: Norway
  • Age: 22
  • Date of birth: 16/07/1999
  • Current club: Arsenal
  • Career: Lyn, Stabæk, Linköpings FC
  • Position: Central midfielder
  • Secondary position: defensive midfielder
  • Preferred foot: Right


The data in this analysis comes from Wyscout and for the midfielders in this league – Damallsvenskan, I get 72 players. These players have played a variety of minutes, but I wanted to look at all the players that have played on that particular position and their end result.

The attacking output of a midfielder can be measured in different metrics. The progression with and without the ball is vital in assessing attacking qualities, which you can see in the image above. If you look at the progressive runs per 90, Maanum has 2,62 progressive runs per 90. When you look at progressive passes per 90 Maanum has 6,30 progressive passes per 90. Looking at these statistics, Maanum is doing very well in progressive runs, while she is doing average in progressive passes.

Defensive quality can be measured in the two metrics above. We look at all successful defensive actions per 90 and use PAdj interceptions to see how well they read the game defensively, adjusted to the possession. This gives us an idea of the defensive quality of a certain player. Maanum does below average on these metrics with 5,92 successful defensive actions per 90 and 3,71 PAdj interceptions per 90.

Another way of measuring attacking output is to look how well a plyer does in the final third passing and deep completions; how much do they actively contribute to attacking situations. Maanum does quite well with 2,13 deep completions per 90 and quite average with 5,92 passes to final third per 90.

In the image above you can see how Maanum contributes in terms of goals and assists. You can see does quite well in both metrics with 0,17 xA per 90 and 0,34 xG per 90. This is a goal contribution of 0,51 per 90.

Frida Maanum is often described as a box to box midfielder, and something that Arsenal would need. So what does she do defensively in order to later progress the ball to the attacking third? In the video examples below you can see what she can contribute to Arsenal in terms of progression.

1v1 – defensive

In the video above you Maanum manifests herself in a 1v1 situation in the league. She presses her opponent and follows through from the middle third to the defensive third, making it difficult eventually for the opponent to make a decisive action going forward.

In the video above, we see another 1v1 situation in the same game. She analyses the situation and presses, follows through to capture the ball and wants to progress up the pitch instantly.


In the video above we see the first interception in the league. She intercepts a pass, which she does well by blocking the passing lane and it’s a vital interception to prevent a progression by the opposition.

In the game with Norway vs the Netherlands, she also had a good interception. This time Norway was pressing and she followed through with her teammates and intercepted the ball in the middle third and progressed forward. This immediately gave Norway an attacking threat.

Interceptions are not only passes that have been captured, but they are also balls that need to cleared in terms of danger. This can be seen in the video above where Maanum clears a cross, just before Sweden can get dangerous in the six-yard box.

Long passes

Progression of the ball happens in different forms. It can be through runs with the ball, but it can also happen by long range passes. In the examples below you see three different examples of that by Maanum.

These examples show that she always looks for the running player and attempts to chip the ball over the defence, looks to give a long ball down the line or just looks for hold up play in the penalty area. These balls are full of risk, but the idea behind it is good and therefore when it succeeds, can give a great reward.

Through balls

Just like long balls, through balls are full of risk and will be more often than not, be intercepted by the opposition. The reward, however, of these successful attempts can lead to goals and some of these through balls we see in the two examples below.

Frida Maanum is really good at progressing the ball on her feet, before executing a through ball into the final third/penalty area. In the two videos above you can see the weight and the pace of the pass, which is good enough for the striker to get to. This is a really valuable asset to have in the WSL.

Goals + assists

In the videos below you can see the three goals and one assist that Maanum has produced so far in the 2021 season before leaving for Arsenal.

Frida Maanum has a variety of qualities in the middle third, but when she enters the attacking third she is not afraid to execute and deliver. When she comes into these positions for Arsenal she will be able to have many goal contributions, as she has the qualities to get results in that position on the pitch.

Final thoughts

Obviously this is just a brief overview of her qualities based on data and video during the first few games with Linköping, but it gives an idea of what Arsenal and Arsenal fans can expect from her. If she can lift her level to the standards of the WSL, she can be a very decisive and vital player for Arsenal. Perhaps this will not be instantly, but she definitely will grow into that role.


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