Renato Tapia: key pass analysis

I have been watching Copa America since its start and it’s such a different vibe from the Euros. This has several reasons, like fans being in the stadium or not – but also the football is so different on the two continents. In this articles I want to look closer to Celta de Vigo’s Renato Tapia, who plays internationally for Peru.

In this article, I will analyse the key passing stats of Renato Tapia in 2020/2021 La Liga. I will look at the data given by Wyscout and compare him to his peers, after which I will use visualisations and data to demonstrate his abilities.

I will use Wyscout data and video to assess how well Tapia does among defensive midfielders in La Liga, performed in the 2020-2021 season. In the end I will use video to look at some of his key passes in this season.

In my data only players are concluded who have played on the defensive midfield position and have played over 900 minutes. This leaves me with 39 players.

In the scatterplot below you can see how well he performs in the progressive passes per 90 vs passes to final third per 90 metrics.

If we look at the progressive passes per 90, we see that Tapia has 6,96 progressive passes per 90, in the 2020-2021 season in La Liga. Tapia has 5,95 passes to the final third per 90. He performs above average when we look progressive passes per 90, but slight performs under average when we look at passes to the final third per 90.

If we look at the Passes to penalty area per 90, we see that Tapia has 0,88 passes to penalty area per 90, in the 2020-2021 season in La Liga. Tapia has 0,91 through passes per 90. He performs on average when we look at through passes per 90, but does perform under average when looking at passes to penalty area per 90.

In the image above you Renato Tapia from Celta de Vigo, compared to defensive midfielders in the 2020-2021 La Liga. This shows us the rank of his key passing data compared to his peers. He scores very high on the passes to final third, passes to penalty area, and through passes. When we look at key passes, assists and deep completions, he doesn’t do very well, however.

This can also be seen in the beeswarmplot below. This visual shows us the same information, but the visual is slightly different as it visually shows us where the players are in terms of the metric and shows us how far ahead Tapia actually is. Or isn’t.

Now I will look at the passes from the last 4 games Tapia has played in La Liga: Cadiz (A), Real Sociedad (A), Osasuna (H) and Levante (H).

Color maps

In the images above you can see color maps of the last 4 games, Tapia has played in La Liga, based on the passes played in those games. What you can see is that he operates mostly from the defensive third and middle third on his own half, which corresponds with his defensive duties for Celta de Vigo. In the game against Cadiz, he operated a bit more progressive.

Opposition’s half passes

In the images above you can see where Tapia passed the ball on the opponent’s half to see how Tapia contributes in attack when he progresses on the field. He is very present in the game against Cadiz, but less so in the games against Real Sociedad, Osasuna and Levante.

Video analysis

In the three fragments below you can see three key passes that Renato Tapia made in the last four games. It illustrates the way he contributes to the Celta de Vigo side and where his key passes come from.

In the video above we see Celta de Vigo against Cadiz, with Celta de Vigo attacking right to left. Tapia gets the ball and moves forward and to the right. He goes into the wide areas and from that area he tries to spot any runs into the penalty area and into the six-yard box. After he sees that, he crosses the ball into the box for other attackers to attack the cross.

In the video above we see another fragment of Celta de Vigo’s game against Cadiz. It’s hard to catch it instantly, but Tapia attempts to get the attacker in a 1v1 with the keeper by chipping the ball from midfield behind the defensive line. The keepers gets it at the end, but the intention is there.

In the video above we see Celta de Vigo in their game against Osasuna. Celta de Vigo attacks from left to right. After the transition to attack, Tapia gets the ball in the middle third and spots a run from the left. He gives a ball into the run of the player and provides it so, that the player goes in a 1v1 with the keeper – unfortunately he hits the post and the ball goes back into play.


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