Introduction course scout/analyst: Part VII – Data visualisations

Numbers, numbers and numbers. They can tell you so much and you can get absolutely wild with them, but what can you do with data to make them more understandable to a different audience? In… Bekijk bericht

Introduction course scout/analyst: Part VI – Data context

Data context. People who know me, know that I’m a huge data advocate and lover. Working with data, making data profiles and analyses – that’s what makes me truly happy. But little did prepare me… Bekijk bericht

Introduction course scout/analyst: Part IV – Working with data

Last week we looked into the context of video in our analysis and scouting work. We also spoke about the types of video and how to begin with analysing video footage. If you want to… Bekijk bericht

Data scouting Belgian Challenger Pro League: Finding a central defender

Who are the best defenders in the Belgian second tier, the Challenger Pro League? In this scouting piece I’m going to look for a central defender with an accent for ball progressing capabilities. There are… Bekijk bericht