Goalkeeper analysis: Bailey Peacock-Farrell

On the 24th and last day of blogmas, I am leaving you all with some goalkeeper analysis – Peacock-Farrell to be specific. In my opinion, goalkeeper analysis is one of the hardest things to do as it’s difficult to quantify goalkeeping into data. Therefore, goalkeeping analysis has a lot to do with technical analysis and you need to learn that – which is quite hard if you haven’t been a goalkeeper yourself or have followed specific goalkeeping courses. I’m not an expert but I wanted to analyse goalkeeper’s saves on the line.

As soon example in this analysis I’ve chosen Sheffield Wednesday’s Bailey Peacock-Farrell and in this analysis I will look at 3 different saves by the goalkeeper and analyse how he made those saves.


In the video above you see Sheffield Wednesday in their game against Portsmouth in the League One. You see Portsmouth attacking and we are looking at the final action of the attack by Portsmouth. At the moment the ball goes to the left, the keeper does move with the ball to that side, but still remains in the middle of the goal – which gives him the advantage. He doesn’t need to recover and cover more space when the ball goes to the far post, and then he leans on his left knee and gets his body under the ball and saves with his left hand and pushes it to the side.

In the video above you see Sheffield Wednesday in their game against Plymouth Argyle, where the hosts are attacking in green. They managed to find a way through the Wednesday defence and get in a dangerous position. Again the shot will be done by a right-footed player and as the player inverts, the goalkeeper does assume a more central position in front of the goal but doesn’t do this too enthusiastically to the right corner. In staying a bit more conservative he is more powerful in diving to the right corner when the shot comes. The ball has a bounce when shot and because he gets to the ground quickly, he can get his body behind the ball and prevents it from bouncing underneath him.

In the video above we see Sheffield Wednesday in their game against Cheltenham Town, with Cheltenham Town going on the transition from defence to attack, from defending a corner. In this particular event we look at the positioning from the goalkeeper when the attacker tries to lob it over the keeper. He does rush out, but not too deep as it would have been easy to go around the goalkeeper and score in an open goal. But he doesn’t go out too much as well as it would have been easy to lob it. His positioning is just right and because of that he can catch the ball and start the transition for Sheffield Wednesday.

This short analysis looks at three different saves in an attempt to analyse the physical events that made the save. Looking at goalkeepers is a lot about what the technique does to save the goalkeeper and that’s something I need to explore more in the coming weeks.


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